Author: igsify

  • Node City Sunset

    Node City Sunset

    I found this city scape that I designed earlier in 2023. It just needed a bit of work to set the mood and be able to get some decent images rendered. ..

  • Node Ribbons

    Node Ribbons

    Over the New Year break, I experimented with geometry node spirals and sound design. The video loop was rendered in Blender EEVEE. The sound track was designed in Ardour, and probably a spagetti of connections with ZynAddSubFX via Patchance which does not save well in its entirety so I’m not that sure since the time…

  • Swirly things

    Swirly things

    I had another go at glass and caustics. In my mind I imaged that Blender Cycles can do a glass prism effect without any special workarounds, with the current version of 2.8. Wrong. On the upside, I walked away with some fun renders. Edit 2024.01.15 Later I had another go, with simple prim shapes and…

  • Pill box for nozzles

    Pill box for nozzles

    Organising printer nozzles starts simple, but then after a few reorders you tend to loose track of what you are stocked up on and what you’re out of. The trick is being able to see it all in one place. This tidy pill box should help.

  • Soy Fishy

    Soy Fishy

    This is my first attempt at art imitating life. In this instance we get a humble soy fish made into a much larger object and celebrate it with a light show.

  • Rod joiner grip

    Rod joiner grip

    I’ve discovered that a plastic drop sheet over the 3d printer seems to keep the drafts away, and therefore the printer makes better prints. How much that is true is hard to tell for sure, but I’m convinced that it works.

  • Spool for filament refill

    Spool for filament refill

    If you ever wondered if you can print your own printing filament spool, yes you can. Be sure to use a 1mm nozzle, for a speedy draft print. This one is designed as two parts, where one slots into the other.

  • Remastering


    Every now and then we revisit old work and add something new to it. In this instance, I started to remaster material originally designed in 2017. Intersections was a series of vector based black and white line art. It features repeating line patterns with slight variations, that when overlapped, causes a larger pattern to emerge.

  • Flash grid

    Flash grid

    A flash grid is a simple light modifier that limits the direction of the light. The effect that it produces is similar to a snoot modifier and a vignette filter.

  • Hex bit holders

    Hex bit holders

    The problem that I had was an ever growing collection of hex bits. The solution was to design a simple array to hold them all together.

  • A case for Dresdens

    A case for Dresdens

    Dresden eyewear is one of my favourite solutions. The gist is that they come in a choice of colours in one standard shape, are relatively affordable to everyone, and look cool.

  • Honeycomb shelf

    Honeycomb shelf

    Custom shelves are excellent because they are a perfect fit for what they were designed to hold.

  • Nodes and Rays

    Nodes and Rays

    Blender geometry nodes make generating arrays of objects relatively quick. Compositing nodes add that extra wow to the whole scene. Applying both make generating colourful video clips a breeze.

  • Phone stand v2

    Phone stand v2

    This phone stand design started in 2019. The early version looked like an extrusion that may have been cut into lengths. Now in 2022, I noticed that there was a slight problem with printing this item consistently with an assortment of materials — at this point I was interesting in producing multiple colours.

  • Strands into the void

    Strands into the void

    What can you say about psychedelic looking convergent lines? If you tweak the light sources, material reflectivity, and perspective then you will get something like this. Strands into the void, or out of the void, whichever you prefer.

  • Bottles and curves

    Bottles and curves

    Fast moving consumer goods such as beverages are commonly packaged in bottles. Showing a bottle that represents a product is fundamental to promoting and selling such products. There’s no mystery there. But where do those perfect and stylised images come from?

  • My door is ajar

    My door is ajar

    I have a problem with a door, and it is my door. Specifically, my office door bores me, and so I decided to decorate it with something eye catching. I logged into Officeworks and ordered a customised print of Intersections2. The dimensions of the print are close enough to cover most of the door surface.

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    IGSIFY images are mostly abstract and vague. They can be transformed without compromising their essence. It may not matter how you stretch, flip, layer, or remix them. For these reasons they make ideal backgrounds for promotional collateral or decorating.