What is IGSIFY?

IGSIFY: I Got Some Ideas For You

What is IGSIFY good for?

Think wall art. Something big and bold.

IGSIFY is a catalog of reference images. Upon purchase, each image package is customised in a unique way just for you.

What is for sale?

Images in the IGSIFY Shop catalog are packaged deals. Each image includes the following components:

  1. Customising time, which may be a short one-on-one workshop session, or an accepted specification for what you want done, machine render time (as applicable) to generate a high quality high resolution image, and general image editing.
  2. Rights of ownership for your unique image version that is generated from of a master file.
  3. The file (JPG, PNG, or PDF as appropriate)

Who is IGSIFY?

Bob Newman t/a IGSIFY

ABN 53 108 138 308