My door is ajar

I have a problem with a door, and it is my door.

Specifically, my office door bores me, and so I decided to decorate it with something eye catching. I logged into Officeworks and ordered a customised print of Intersections2. The dimensions of the print are close enough to cover most of the door surface.

A bit of commentary. Intersections2 is based on a spiral, duplicated many times, pulled, skewed and rotated, generating a very curvy looking object. The creative phase stops when the computer is pushed to it’s limits. The original was created as a vector. Since then, the idea had been transferred to Blender, gaining a lot more creative possibilities, such as being able to generate video.

The print was installed on the inside, so as to be will be visible when the door is open, as it opens outward.

Here are the results.


  • Mounting with double sided tape is tricky. A better choice may have been to use 3M’s velcro tabs.
  • Trimming the edges is even more tricky. The door lock edge was a dream to trim, but the hinge edge should have been done in the closed state, using the frame as a blade guide.
  • Happy with the outcome.