What exactly do I get for my money and what can I expect?

  • The Method — All services are customised to your needs. You just tell me what you need (a Brief). Alternatively we can Workshop your project, where I work with you side by side until you are happy with the results. I am happy to discuss your ideas, walk through the process, and help us get to the final result with confidence.
  • Work Time — You are essentially paying for my time. Photography and design work in general are quite time consuming.
  • Files — Finished files / works for client use, via download / USB stick (eg. .jpg .pdf .html .mp4). Uploads may require client login/assistance (eg. website uploads). I am happy to advise about printing or production as needed.
  • Standard License — License FOR YOU to use, for works commissioned for commercial / promotional purposes (the creator has copyright and license choice). License FOR ME to use, for works commissioned for personal / family / weddings photography (client has copyright where work is commissioned for non commercial / non promotional use). ALL OTHER intellectual property issues are to be agreed upon in writing before any work starts as this effects the outcome and the value of the work.
  • Note that I typically release my final works via the CC0 license (Public Domain equivalent) which will appear in file meta tags by default. If in doubt then please ask me, as all contracts are subject to agreement between the parties involved. For general guidance in this area refer to artslaw.com.au


Here is a general price guide.

  • Basic photography at my studio: $200 per final image
  • Basic retouching: $50 per image
  • 3D renders: $100 per hour spent on design plus $100 per final render

You should ask for a quote based on your needs.

Deliverables may require incremental approvals from client and progress payments.

Anything else?

  • All work is guaranteed, of course! That means I fix anything that needs fixing (like when you need to conform to a format from a third party, to complete our project).
  • Photography (if applicable) will be done with a Nikon D800 camera, unless otherwise provisioned as agreed.
  • Cash / Bank Transfer / Paypal are acceptable, per information on your Invoice.
  • Payment per Invoice terms (Amount Due and Due date) as agreed applies to commercial/promotional work, else in advance. Invoice Voids / Refunds reverts all relevant IP Rights, revokes tagged meta, undoes the right to keep material delivered as fair quid pro quo.
  • A DRAFT Invoice or QUOTE may be prepared and sent to the client for approval before any work begins (especially for new clients). Check your invoice, confirming what work is to be done, linked terms, and any other details to be agreed upon. The terms showing on this page at the time of your invoice apply unless otherwise stated and agreed to in writing.
  • As a photographer / artist / creative I depend on being able to show my work to promote myself. My work and development is very time consuming. If our project appears to be invoiced at below market value than that’s because I am contributing to it in kind. I reserve the right to use any of my work for self promotion or any other reasonable re-use unless otherwise agreed to in advance before any work begins. Restrictions made by the client must be reflected by a premium (price).
  • The client is responsible for delivery and timely collection of artworks/objects/samples as applicable. Care and diligence is always taken for ensuring the safety and security of all delivered objects, however the client remains responsible for all items throughout the process and absolves me and internal parties for any damage or losses. The client can request to be present throughout the process. Note that I operate from a secure access controlled facility that you are welcome to scrutinize, so you can rest assured that your articles will be kept safe until collection.
  • Any other services / work for hire / deliverables are subject to bespoke agreements.
  • The contents of this page can change anytime without notice.
  • ABN 53108138308 . telephone +61414700664 . mobile 0414700664

What tools do you use?

  • DESKTOP SOFTWARE: Ubuntu Studio, Blender (3D, animation, video editing, motion graphics), Darktable (photography), GIMP (retouching, especially anything to do with pixels), Inkscape (vectors), Ardour/LMMS (sound)
  • DESKTOP HARDWARE: AMD Ryzen 7 2700, 32GB RAM (striped, I hope), NVIDIA RTX 2060, M.2 256GB
  • PHOTOGRAPHY HARDWARE: NIKON D800, NIKKOR AF-S 50mm 1:1.4 G, NIKKOR AF-S 28-300mm 1:3.5-5.6 G, SAMYANG AE 85mm 1:1.4 IF, Xiaomi Mijia 360 (360 camera), DJI OM 3 (gimbal)
  • PLATFORMS: RPi, Arduino, ESP32 (via HA ESPHome); Google IOT, Ikea IOT, HA IOT; Creality Ender 3 V2 (CR Touch, Sprite, Klipper, CURA), Bambu Lab A1 Mini AMS Lite (Bambu Studio); Blogger CMS, Google Cloud Platform (LAMP web servers w Ubuntu image, WordPress CMS .. wp , WooCommerce .. woo )