Rod joiner grip

I’ve discovered that a plastic drop sheet over the 3d printer seems to keep the drafts away, and therefore the printer makes better prints. How much that is true is hard to tell for sure, but I’m convinced that it works.

The background for this is that enclosed printers are supposedly good at maintaining a constant hot bed temperature, and therefore produce better prints.

My challenge was to create a large L shaped frame by joining two rods, to enable a plastic drop sheet to be draped over the printer table. I designed something of a grip, but am not sure of the proper name.

[Version 1]

The joiner is printed in 3 parts. It features several adjustable angles, 90 degrees, 45/135 and 30/120. In this instance I was after 90 degrees. The parts are held tightly together with an M6 bolt.

It’s not pretty but it does the job. It should be reusable for future problems.

I printed mine in ABS with 50 per cent infill.

[Version 2]

This has since been revised to have teeth for more angle options.